Friday, August 7, 2015

Paris, shows and more CDs!

Hey I'm still in Paris and I got some shows coming up.

First one is an in-store at Balades Sonore  on 20th of August.

Next one is a show at Pop In in Paris on 25 August.

Now here's some photos of me pointing at shit.

BLess x

Monday, May 4, 2015


Ladies and gents, I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who has supported my Sandgate concept album, Flinders Parade. I'm happy to say that the album has completely SOLD OUT except for about 3 or so copies on Bandcamp. Thanks again to the Haymakers who helped me put this album together and to Sean Cook, Cameron Smith and Simon Paradis especially for their work producing and recording.


Anyways here are some great reviews of the album too if you're thinking about buying a digital copy or one of the few remaining physical copies!

The simple songs are recorded with no bells and whistles, but whether it’s the suburb’s physical locale (Margate GF, Spring Hill To The Gate), propensity for fights and Entertainment Centre burnouts (Balls Deep In Boondall) or general idiosyncrasies (Chook Raffle Lady), it’s a gorgeous and heartfelt reminder that home is definitely where the heart is. 

- 4/5 stars, Steve Bell,

Sydney has Perry Keyes, whose lyrics focus on the local and particular. Sandgate has Young and his tunes about the bayside suburb that is his home...Young wraps these local yarns in hard-to-resist folk-pop settings such as Calling In The Dogs and Chook Raffle Lady, sparkling like sun on the water...Puts you in the mood for fish and chips and a walk on the flats, and I need one of those I Believe in Sandgate logos on a T-shirt! 

- 4/5 stars, Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail

It’s a perfect combination, as the Haymakers complement Harley’s songwriting with their melodic punch and subtle instrumentation. Actually, this record feels like a document, kind of like feeling in the dark, of everyone discovering each other musically. It’s one of the many charms of Flinders Parade. What really comes through though, is a sense of place. It almost goes without saying really, but it has to be noted, Harley writes what he knows.  

- Ian Powne, 4zzz.

I'm stoked and will definitely be reissuing the album soon.

For the mean time, I've relocated to France! I'm hoping the change will inspire album number 2!
Yay for youth work visas and cheap wine and bread!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AL-BUM, MEL-BUM, Review, Gin Club Sydney + QMA + France

Well lots has happened since my last post.



I'm super stoked that a lot of people have got behind it. Thank you to the Haymakers - Phillipa, Scott, Ange, Ash and Muzz and big thanks Sean and Cam, We've done it!

The first of the reviews are in too! Good news so far:

"A gorgeous and heartfelt reminder that home is definitely where the heart it" 4/5 stars.


Friday 20 February
MUM World Bar, Sydney NSW
w/Go Go Fish, Dr Spaceman

Saturday 21 February 
The Great Northern, Newcastle NSW

Friday 27 February
Currumbin Creek Tavern, Currumbin QLD

Pre-launch support!
The Gin Club
Saturday 19 March
O'Malleys, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday 28 March
Beetle Bar, Brisbane QLD 


Also! Margate GF made the "Highly Commended" section for the QMA awards for 2015.
I'm pretty happy about that because there are some very amazing artists on that list and I'm stoked to be in their company.


Here's some Sandgate lyrical reference trivia too for the curious listener

Flinders Parade - Jamie is a real character and he does sing elvis tunes usually outside woolworths, or at least he did anyway.

Balls Deep In Boondall - for the non-Brisbane people the B.E.C is the Boondall Entertainment Centre.

Cool fact - I.B.I.S used to just be a local unofficial saying that stood for "I Believe In Sandgate" but when they built the new mini shopping complex over the road from the war memorial they actually named it the "IBIS" shopping centre. They slapped the image of an IBIS on the front of the building and underneath it was written for the first time "I Believe In Sandgate".It was originally going to stand for "It's beautiful in Sandgate" but I don't think anyone was going to stand for that!

Toff in Town show was total radness. They gave us a carton of beer, a fancy band room and wine exciting times. ACTOR BUDDHISTS WERE AMAZING


By the way I am moving to France in April I'll be back though with another album. I will tour the album in France probably too. Gotta get my ass into gear.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Now that I've got your attention. Here is the new single from Harley Young & The Haymakers.

Single 2 from our concept album about Sandgate, Brisbane. It's called Balls Deep In Boondall and my wife Phillipa and I made the film clip. It was fun.

So the album is due out this February (16 Feb is the date), available in all half decent Brisbane music stores and online via our Bandcamp. We have lots of exciting news coming up including some cool press, cool shows and more. Maybe even a competition who knows! But for now I leave you Balls Deep  xo

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Great news! Margate GF or Mar-great GF I should say just got added to Triple J digital rotation!!!
Isn't that exciting!!

 I bet you thought I got added to regular rotation huh? Well so did I for about 1 second but then i just got over myself. Anyhow - digital is the way of the future! so I think that it's probably better than getting lousy analogue rotation.


SO...I've been doing more album stuff, more Sandgate concept album stuff.
I laid the beds, most harmonies and overdubs for most of the album with Sean Cook who did an amazing job. He really killed it on Margate GF which has been doing the rounds a bit lately on 4zzz and Triple J digital and Radio National. If you haven't heard it yet check it out here!!

Currently I'm working with the legendary Cameron Smith to help me finish the album and it's been such a rewarding experience.

Cam has currently been adding some overdubs for us, placing field recordings, remixing songs I recorded in Canada, recording additional parts to a few of Sean's mixes and we recorded an amazing instrumental for the album also.

It's really been a pleasure working with people who understand what I'm trying to do and it's all coming together beautifully and I can't wait for it to come out (looks like it'll be out around early Feb). Here are some happy snaps:

Anyhow. Here are some reviews from Margate GF (recorded and produced by Sean Cook, Mastered by Ryan Morey, written by Harley [yours truly] and performed by Harley Young and the Haymakers) also (ps did you know you can download this awesome song for free???) yes free! See here.



Thursday, September 18, 2014


 MORE TO COME but for now... Here's the new single from the album due early 2015.

Produced by Sean Cook (Big Scary, Jeremy Neale) and mastered by Ryan Morey (Blue Hawaii)



Friday October 3 
Captain Cook Hotel, 
Sydney NSW
w/Go Go Fish, Sycamores, Atolla

Saturday October 4
The White Horse, Sydney NSW
w/Go Go Fish, Monte and Village Echoes 

Friday October 10 
Revolver, Melbourne VIC
w/Go Go Fish, Chris Watts, Pretty City

Saturday October 11 
Tago Mago, Melbourne VIC
w/Go Go Fish, Sans, Pepperjack

Friday October 17
Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay NSW
w/Go Go Fish

Saturday October 18 
Tupe Aloha, Kirra QLD
w/Go Go Fish

Sunday October 26
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
w/VERY SPECIAL GUEST + Orphan Ann   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pre-Prod, Recordings, Cam!

Hey hey hey the album is underway!

Today, we laid by the bay, at some hay (as all good haymakers do) and did some pre-prod with Cam Smith from Incremental Records and it sounds bloody awesome!

We will  be going into lay the beds for the songs with Sean Cook (who will be taking a producer role) and then back again to Cam overdubs,some more pretty additions and then back to Sean for mixing. It's gonna be musical tennis!

So for anyone who doesn't know this, the album is a concept album about Sandgate (see picture below). It's something that I have been planning for quite some time, in fact I've written it and rewritten it 3 times (over 40 plus tracks). This is version 3 (most songs written over the last 12 months) and it's the best by a mile (thank you Haymakers!). I'll be out doing field recordings soon of trains, buses and chook raffles to add to the fun of it.

Why Sandgate? Why tie an album to a place? Because culture is tied to place, because people are shaped by a place and it's climate, because the ordinary of place is beautiful.

Stayed tuned for a single launch in September-ish and album launch early next year with a tour.

For now though I'll leave you with some photos from today's session.

Scott our guitarist took all the photos so that's why he's not in them and it's quite a shame because he's such a handsome fella.