Thursday, September 18, 2014


 MORE TO COME but for now... Here's the new single from the album due early 2015.

Produced by Sean Cook (Big Scary, Jeremy Neale) and mastered by Ryan Morey (Blue Hawaii)



Friday October 3 
Captain Cook Hotel, 
Sydney NSW
w/Go Go Fish, Sycamores, Atolla

Saturday October 4
The White Horse, Sydney NSW
w/Go Go Fish, Monte and Village Echoes 

Friday October 10 
Revolver, Melbourne VIC
w/Go Go Fish, Chris Watts, Pretty City

Saturday October 11 
Tago Mago, Melbourne VIC
w/Go Go Fish, Sans, Pepperjack

Friday October 17
Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay NSW
w/Go Go Fish

Saturday October 18 
Tupe Aloha, Kirra QLD
w/Go Go Fish

Sunday October 26
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
w/VERY SPECIAL GUEST + Orphan Ann   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pre-Prod, Recordings, Cam!

Hey hey hey the album is underway!

Today, we laid by the bay, at some hay (as all good haymakers do) and did some pre-prod with Cam Smith from Incremental Records and it sounds bloody awesome!

We will  be going into lay the beds for the songs with Sean Cook (who will be taking a producer role) and then back again to Cam overdubs,some more pretty additions and then back to Sean for mixing. It's gonna be musical tennis!

So for anyone who doesn't know this, the album is a concept album about Sandgate (see picture below). It's something that I have been planning for quite some time, in fact I've written it and rewritten it 3 times (over 40 plus tracks). This is version 3 (most songs written over the last 12 months) and it's the best by a mile (thank you Haymakers!). I'll be out doing field recordings soon of trains, buses and chook raffles to add to the fun of it.

Why Sandgate? Why tie an album to a place? Because culture is tied to place, because people are shaped by a place and it's climate, because the ordinary of place is beautiful.

Stayed tuned for a single launch in September-ish and album launch early next year with a tour.

For now though I'll leave you with some photos from today's session.

Scott our guitarist took all the photos so that's why he's not in them and it's quite a shame because he's such a handsome fella.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recording an album, Moved Back, Long time no see!

Hey guys and gals,

It has been officially forever since I have last done a post.


So many good Brisbane bands that I've only now had a chance to listen too.

Though recently show and promo wise things have been quiet we (me + The Haymakers - see below) are getting ready to record July.

I did a tour in April with Go Go Fish and they turned into the Haymakers. Now they have 2 bands!

So April was tour/cassette split with the above gentleman and gentleladies and they learnt a bunch of my songs which was REAL NOICE! After that they said they wanted to stay on which is great news!!

So now these lovely gents and ladies have become my backing band The Haymakers.

PS You can download the split cassette we did here the Go Go Fish song is incredible! -

Other things worth talking mentioning:

- Triple J AND Triple Z play for the recent single and tour;
- Tapes are selling come buy one or email me for one
- Going into the studio with Sean Cook and also with Cam Smith to record for an upcoming album!
I best now go have a beer and eat chicken and look for more music stuff to do

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Clip! 'She's On The Wires'

Here's the new clip ladies and gents!It will be on Suburb on Tape 3!

Big thank yous and credits to these people too, my dear dear friends.

Simon Paradis - Mixing, drums, bass, bvs
Sébastien CheveuxDoux Ouellet - Director and camera man

Hugo LeMalt - Lead guitar, tambourine, bvs
Jane Ehrhardt - Bvs

Péa Tremblay - The king of toast making, the toast master 2000.

I have been listening to lots of  Allo Darlin' and Jonathan Richman.

I think I smashed them together and made this

Also if you wanna learn how to make good toast, this is definitely the clip for you.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Suburb on Tape 3 / New clip / Quelques petits changements

Look out guys for a new clip coming out in the next few days!!

The cassette I'm doing has now become Suburb on Tape 3, the band I was splitting with has unfortunately had a few problems and can no longer do the shows.

So a few others have now stepped up to the plate.
Howard St Roy and Simon Kingsbury will be joining me for the Montreal launch.
And PopLeon + Le St Jean Baptiste Country Club for the Quebec City launch.
Trois Rivieres has been cancelled due to the issues with the split.

No problem though, we just keep on rollin like Frederick Durst once did in a song called Keep Rollin in a band he did rapping for called Limped Biscuits.

Un nouveau clip à venir dans les prochains jours!!!

La cassette que je fais est devenu <<Suburb on Tape 3>>, Le groupe qui je faisais la split avec ne peuvent plus jouer les spectacles
Alors quelques autres groupes m'ont aidé avec les lancements
Howard St Roy et Simon Kingsbury vont me joindre pour le lancement à Montréal. 
PopLeon et Le St Jean Baptiste Country Club vont jouer le lancement à Québec
Le spectacle à Trois-Rivières a été annulé desole!!!
Pas de soucis!On va <<Keep Rollin'>> comme Frederick Durst dans Limped Biscuits.

Ok so here is the link again for the Quebec City launch - World Wide Web Link For Show
^^^^^Voici le lien pour le spectacle de Québec             


Monday, February 10, 2014


Bonjour mes amis,
Voici le premier poste en francais.
Je suis désolé que je n'ai jamais poster en français.

Comme beaucoup d'entre vous le savent,

Je peux bien tenir une conversation en français, mais mon écriture est absolument terrible.
Une fois j'ai écrit ce soir comme <<siswa>> (osti tabarnak!!!!!).

Donc, je vais quitter le Canada en Mars et maintenant c'est ma chance de dire merci aux gens qui ont fait ces deux dernières années, les deux plus grandes années de ma vie.

Merci a Phillipa Perrott (ma chère et l'amour de ma vie!), Caroline Duchaine (nous n'aurions jamais venir sans vous), Terri & Paul, Simon Paradis, Sebastien Ouellet, Anne-Cri, Jane Ehrhardt, Renaud Pilote, Sarah Jane Johnston, Rod et Chloe, Bugel, Raph, Pea, Madeleine, Chyz, La Palette. Un grand merci. Je sais qu'il ya plus de vous, je suis désolé si j'ai oublié quelqu'un, vous avez tous joué un rôle en nous aident (moi et Phillipa) au Québec et vous serez tous tellement manqué.

J'ai une dernière demande de vous tous.

S'il vous plaît aidez-moi à promouvoir mon dernier spectacle et s'il vous plaît venez nous voir.
Il sera aussi notre Party de depart.

Single Launch

22 Fevrier, Cercle, Rue St Joseph, Quebec City
J'ai mis les dates ci-dessous XO.

Voici les dates:

Thursday, 20 February

L'Inspecteur Épingle w/Bolduc Tout Croche
Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC

Friday, 21 February

Cafe Bar Zenob w/Bolduc Tout Croche
171 Rue Bonaventure, Trois-Rivieres, QC

Saturday, 22 February

Le Cercle w/Bolduc Tout Croche
228 Rue St Joseph Est, Quebec City, QC