Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Scoicial Debut

Welcome to the After Grog Blog. 

Yes it does say My Scoicial Debut!

As suggested by the title, I will probably be blogging after grogging on most days.

Here you can find out about all Harley Young music stuff as well as any other happenings that Harley Young might find out about and feel compelled to share with you, the reader.

You can read about me in the about section but this haiku and photo combo should give you the gist:

Mister T was right
Weetbix are better when cold
I need a stiff drink

I am an Australian musician temporarily based in Quebec, I am releasing a series of cassettes and I have done a fair bit of touring but will be doing plenty more.


What the shit indeed!

A blog solely dedicated to Harley Young would be boring for you and for me.

So here’s the deal:

-        I will give you updates about my shows, my releases and whatever else in the world of Harley Young Music.

-        You will ignore any occasional typos and grammatical failures (only because I won’t be proof reading my posts).

-         I will throw in my two cents on whatever band, show or thing that I happen to find interesting (It’ll be like the Ed Sullivan show minus the smut!).

Though not a review site I will definitely be writing my own reviews for whatever music big and small worth noting.

I will also review chicken (alive or fried), colours and letters of the alphabet.

Note the tabs on the top of the page! These you can use to find out information about my shows and any updates. Check out the video for Ghost Trap, it is a bit of alright I think.