Friday, January 18, 2013

The Weekend Pre-Grog LIVE Review: Rob Moir + Gab Paquet Live @ Chez Moi 12th January 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a house concert for Toronto musician Rob Moir and Quebec City musician Gab Paquet.

Here is my 2 cents and more...


Mr Paquet came early to the show. He was a little quiet but don't let that fool you - he has a big stage persona. Whilst I could not catch all of the lyrics, his wit kept the francophones laughing till they cried which was contagious enough for me to laugh also. His song about poutine made me hungry for more songs and poutine. I am a Gab Paquet fan and you should be too!

A fan of Springsteen, Tweedy and Westerberg has already won me over. Can good taste equal good songwriting?? In this case absolutely. His voice reminds me of Jason Isbell and his songwriting incredibly Springsteen. The reason why I like this guy so much is that his music is so damn honest and sincere which is an incredibly hard thing find. Rob is no stranger to house concerts and from the performance it was evident that this man was a well oiled touring machine.

But before you hear the lie, here is the truth - a brilliant live delivery of the title track from the album live at @ chez moi on Saturday 12th of January: