Tuesday, March 5, 2013



New film clip! Currently talking with A City By The River and will hopefully have a new one up in the next few weeks. We may be editing some of my old home video footage for it but we will see how that pans out.


New gear! I just bought an RC-50 loop pedal. Looking forward to giving that a whirl!


Recording! Back in the studio again with Mr Simon Paradis for Suburb on Tape 2. We have demoed the potential single and it's sounding good. Here are some photos of Simon doing the 'Drum Magazine' pose and me doing my thing where I stare into the distance with headphones and take a photo of myself:


So here is what's happening! Tour dates under the 'Shows' section of this site but for your convenience I have put them here too...Look at that! EASY! Other than this there will be a Facebook event soon! I would really appreciate it if you could send the invite along to any of your friends living in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa or London. It would be a big help.

Upcoming Shows
Monday, 11 March

Bar L'Agitée

251 Rue Dorchester, Quebec City, QC

Wednesday, 10 April
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - Quebec Mini-Launch

Les Shows de Grenier

w/Jane Ehrhardt & Gianna Lauren
Quebec City, QC

Monday, 15 April
Coop Sur Genereux 

w/Sam Eloi

4518 Avenue Papineau, Montreal, QC

Saturday, 20 April
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - Montreal


w/Attention!, Fellow Project, Prevenge
4467 St Denis St, Montreal, QC

Tuesday, 23 April 
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - Ottawa
Avant-Garde Bar and Gift Shop
135 Besserer St, Ottawa, ON

Wednesday, 24 April 
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - Toronto
The Smiling Buddah
w/Juvon Taylor, The Captain Andrew Bootstring Band
961 College St, Toronto, ON

Saturday, 27 April 
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - London
The Raddish House
London, ON

Thursday, 9 May
Suburb on Tape 2 Tour - Quebec City
447 Rue St-Jean, Quebec City, QC