Saturday, February 15, 2014

Suburb on Tape 3 / New clip / Quelques petits changements

Look out guys for a new clip coming out in the next few days!!

The cassette I'm doing has now become Suburb on Tape 3, the band I was splitting with has unfortunately had a few problems and can no longer do the shows.

So a few others have now stepped up to the plate.
Howard St Roy and Simon Kingsbury will be joining me for the Montreal launch.
And PopLeon + Le St Jean Baptiste Country Club for the Quebec City launch.
Trois Rivieres has been cancelled due to the issues with the split.

No problem though, we just keep on rollin like Frederick Durst once did in a song called Keep Rollin in a band he did rapping for called Limped Biscuits.

Un nouveau clip à venir dans les prochains jours!!!

La cassette que je fais est devenu <<Suburb on Tape 3>>, Le groupe qui je faisais la split avec ne peuvent plus jouer les spectacles
Alors quelques autres groupes m'ont aidé avec les lancements
Howard St Roy et Simon Kingsbury vont me joindre pour le lancement à Montréal. 
PopLeon et Le St Jean Baptiste Country Club vont jouer le lancement à Québec
Le spectacle à Trois-Rivières a été annulé desole!!!
Pas de soucis!On va <<Keep Rollin'>> comme Frederick Durst dans Limped Biscuits.

Ok so here is the link again for the Quebec City launch - World Wide Web Link For Show
^^^^^Voici le lien pour le spectacle de Québec