Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recording an album, Moved Back, Long time no see!

Hey guys and gals,

It has been officially forever since I have last done a post.


So many good Brisbane bands that I've only now had a chance to listen too.

Though recently show and promo wise things have been quiet we (me + The Haymakers - see below) are getting ready to record July.

I did a tour in April with Go Go Fish and they turned into the Haymakers. Now they have 2 bands!

So April was tour/cassette split with the above gentleman and gentleladies and they learnt a bunch of my songs which was REAL NOICE! After that they said they wanted to stay on which is great news!!

So now these lovely gents and ladies have become my backing band The Haymakers.

PS You can download the split cassette we did here the Go Go Fish song is incredible! -

Other things worth talking mentioning:

- Triple J AND Triple Z play for the recent single and tour;
- Tapes are selling come buy one or email me for one
- Going into the studio with Sean Cook and also with Cam Smith to record for an upcoming album!
I best now go have a beer and eat chicken and look for more music stuff to do