Monday, May 4, 2015


Ladies and gents, I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who has supported my Sandgate concept album, Flinders Parade. I'm happy to say that the album has completely SOLD OUT except for about 3 or so copies on Bandcamp. Thanks again to the Haymakers who helped me put this album together and to Sean Cook, Cameron Smith and Simon Paradis especially for their work producing and recording.


Anyways here are some great reviews of the album too if you're thinking about buying a digital copy or one of the few remaining physical copies!

The simple songs are recorded with no bells and whistles, but whether it’s the suburb’s physical locale (Margate GF, Spring Hill To The Gate), propensity for fights and Entertainment Centre burnouts (Balls Deep In Boondall) or general idiosyncrasies (Chook Raffle Lady), it’s a gorgeous and heartfelt reminder that home is definitely where the heart is. 

- 4/5 stars, Steve Bell,

Sydney has Perry Keyes, whose lyrics focus on the local and particular. Sandgate has Young and his tunes about the bayside suburb that is his home...Young wraps these local yarns in hard-to-resist folk-pop settings such as Calling In The Dogs and Chook Raffle Lady, sparkling like sun on the water...Puts you in the mood for fish and chips and a walk on the flats, and I need one of those I Believe in Sandgate logos on a T-shirt! 

- 4/5 stars, Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail

It’s a perfect combination, as the Haymakers complement Harley’s songwriting with their melodic punch and subtle instrumentation. Actually, this record feels like a document, kind of like feeling in the dark, of everyone discovering each other musically. It’s one of the many charms of Flinders Parade. What really comes through though, is a sense of place. It almost goes without saying really, but it has to be noted, Harley writes what he knows.  

- Ian Powne, 4zzz.

I'm stoked and will definitely be reissuing the album soon.

For the mean time, I've relocated to France! I'm hoping the change will inspire album number 2!
Yay for youth work visas and cheap wine and bread!